Modular 50  50KVA ~ 800KVA

Modular 50 series UPS is redundant, scalable, 3 – Phase UPS power protection system with on-line double-conversion and full DSP control technology. Its hot-swappable and flexible power module configuration makes the capacity scalable from 50KVA up to 800KVA, and the system capacity can be expanded to 2400KVA by advanced “N+X” wireless parallel and redundancy technology. All internal modules (control module, power module and bypass module) are modularly designed and hot-swappable, assuring system compactness, reliability and easy maintenance. 

Hot-swappable modularity
Easy expandability and scalability
High power density
High efficiency
Small footprint
Intelligent hibernation design
Integrated power distribution


IDC – Internet Data Center
ISP – Internet Service Provider
SCADA monitoring system
Electricity & Railway signaling system
Bank or Bond Trading / Clearing center
Precision instruments, Automation system
Modular 50
50KVA ~ 800KVA
PF 0.9 (3 : 3)

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Excellent performance and high reliability
·  Latest DSP digital control technology
·  High input power factor > 0.99, THDi < 3%, high efficiency 96%
·  “N+X” wireless parallel and redundancy technology: easily set up numbers of redundancy module on LCD panel, support 4 complete UPS in parallel, avoid single point failure and further strengthen the reliability
·  Consistently reliable protection for hardware and software, sophisticated detection inside the UPS, abundant event log for future check
·  Fault-tolerant design for fan system: 30% load can be taken when 2 fans fail and 50% load can be taken when 1 fan fails
·  High overload capability
105% ~ 110% for 60 minutes, 110% ~ 125% for 10 minutes, 125% ~ 150% for 1 minute 
·  Intelligent hibernation design enables UPS to operate efficiently at low load rate
·  Independent bypass module design and redundant power supply components ensure higher reliability
·  Synchronous control function for 2N double bus system

High usability
·  7 inches LCD touch screen provides easy-to-use user interface
·  Easy maintenance with hot swappable operation for all modules
·  Hot-swappable modular design enables users to replace standard modules on-line, no need to turn off the UPS or switch to bypass for maintenance. This feature greatly decrease maintenance time, lower maintenance cost and difficulty
·  Load sharing technology
·  If any of the UPS modules fail, the load will be taken over by the rest of the modules without interruption. This increases the real time operation and power availability
·  Easy expandability and scalability
·  System capacity is scalable up to 600KVA constructed by each power module of 50KVA; each power module is equipped with charging function with maximum 10 A charging current. Users can periodically increase power modules according to load expansion plan to effectively control initial cost and reduce energy consumption per unit
·  Integrated power distribution 
Mains input, bypass, maintenance and output breakers are integrated inside the UPS. It is easy for installation and save the cost of users
·  High power density
Modular 50 is featured with high power density of 50 KVA / 3U power module
·  Front accessible maintenance, top / bottom cable entry compatible ( 200KVA top cable entry )
·  Self-aging function make it easier to debug and test on site
·  Standard configuration with parallel port and BSC port

High availability
·  Ultra wide input voltage range and frequency
·  Modular 50 has a wide input voltage range (138 ~ 485Vac) and frequency range (40 ~ 70 Hz). It provides 50 Hz / 60Hz frequency auto-sense and two modes of frequency conversion: 50Hz input / 60Hz output and 60Hz input / 50Hz output
·  High output power factor 0.9
·  Output power factor 0.9 enables UPS to deliver more power and increase the load capacity
·  Flexible battery quantity settings
·  The battery quantity (30 ~ 46 pcs) can be configured flexibly. If there is battery failure, only removing the failed battery and resetting the battery quantity are required, no need to replace the whole group of battery
·  Cold start
Battery cold start is available. In the absence of mains power, battery cold start function allows users to start the UPS with the batteries to meet the emergency
·  Share battery pack in parallel operation, saving user’s battery cost
·  Soft-start technology improves generator matching up to 1:1.1
·  Standard Emergency Power Off (EPO)
·  Standard maintenance bypass switch

High intelligence
·  Advanced multi-platform communications: standard USB / RS485 / dry contacts and SNMP communication interfaces
·  Advanced intelligent battery management function: flexible battery configuration (30 / 32 / 34 / 36 / 38 / 40 / 42 / 44 / 46 pcs selectable), intelligent charging / discharging and float charging voltage temperature compensation