●   More Energy Generated

· Centralized-Distributed design, maximum conversion efficiency up to 99%

· Maximum 64 MPPT combiner box accessible for improving generated energy

· Dual-channel parallel configuration and single-channel operating for small power to promote generated energy

· Fan frequency conversion control to reduce consumption and promote generated energy

· Quick front accessible maintenance, low MTTR

●   High Reliability

· Long lifetime design of film capacitor, 25 years of service life for complete machine

· Active+passive islanding protection

· Multilayer, step-by-step overcurrent, overvoltage, overtemperature and short-circuit protections for software and hardware.

· Separated protection for each DC input to improve system reliability

●   Advanced Control Technology

· Advanced SVPWM control technology

· Adaptive control, adapting to harsh weak power grids environment 

· Harmonic current compensation, THD < 3%

· Supporting active and reactive power grid dispatch and SVG function at night

LVRT function