PAT  3KW - 8KW

· Independent MPPT control microprocessor system

· Independent inverter control microprocessor system featured with high-speed online stabilization

· Advanced SPWM technology, high-speed power MOS

· MPPT control using PWM technology enable to bear the maximum PV open-circuit voltage

· Operating mode selectable: PV priority or utility power priority

· Charging current selectable according to configured battery

·  AC input with effective online synchronous stabilization technology

· Auto-tracking mains phase to ensure that inverter output voltage has same phase with utility voltage, reducing transfer time and peak surge

· No-load auto shutdown function (optional)

· Automatic frequency selection

· Auto Power-On/Off function; real-time monitoring, test and intelligent startup / shutdown by RS232 or USB interface communicating with PC; remote monitoring by optional SNMP networks